Hey! I'm Georgina

...founder of Studio Nomad.

We create digital ecosystems for design pros and lifestyle brands, especially those with a focus on positive impact. We want to bring your businesses' vision and purpose to life through creative direction and strategic storytelling.

My life has been spent living and working all over the world. From the jungle in Borneo to paradise in Mallorca and London. Spending time in other people’s worlds and cultures has helped me deeply understand and appreciate the importance of clear storytelling and developing a legacy.

As a synergist I am deeply passionate about working with you to create what is best for your company. My team and I enjoy organising and automating the elements that enable strategic storytelling. This goal is to help you nurture your tribe, create a connection with your audience, design and build a platform appropriate for their needs and grow your business.

Alongside my team of digital Nomads we create digital ecosystems for businesses who want to be a force for good in the world.

Studio Nomad was founded in 2018.