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Your vision is made up of more than aesthetics and a product or service. It is soul, passion, time, hard work and everyday heroism. Studio Nomad facilitates your digital portal to the world.

WordPress + Shopify | E-commerce

La Bom Swim

One of the dreamiest, wildest, space filled projects I have worked on with founder Athene Macrae. She set up La Bom Swim to create sensational sustainable swimwear for women who live wild adventurous lives. 

The vibe is definitely outdoors, light, well framed and easy to navigate. 

I integrated Shopify with WordPress on this occasion and despite certain drawbacks in terms of transferrable Shopify features, the integration works like a dream! 

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WordPress | Portfolio


IDEA are resourceful developers and managers of real estate in West Africa. They redefine paradigms by using innovative solutions to create and operate built environments that closely meet the needs of the end user.

My job was to design and build a website that clearly expresses and explains who they are to potential investors.

IDEA are currently building a number of projects, including the Hilton Hotel, Freetown. Their intention is to benefit local communities by creating hundreds of jobs in a variety of industries.

WordPress | Portfolio

Simetrica Jacobs

The Simetrica Jacobs team are leaders in social value analysis, wellbeing research and econometrics in a wide variety of industries. From the social impact of football stadiums to the benefits of redirecting the A303 past Stonehenge, they provide the world with the best and well considered economic  advice on how and why social impact and social value are imperative to us all.

My goal was to create a clean, slick portfolio website that showcased their fantastic work, their vision for the future and their team.

Squarespace | Portfolio

Studio Alidad

After a brilliant first job I was asked to overhaul, redefine and simplify the idea for the Studio Alidad website.

Again, the platform was a perfect fit for the team to maintain and update themselves. It is accessible,  simple and perfectly suited to regular updates to showcase the team’s fantastic project portfolio.

Squarespace | Portfolio


Alidad is one of the world’s most talented and sought after interior designers. The company’s brief was to redesign the website and simplify the company’s information architecture.

Better showcasing their portfolio and streamline the management system were top priority. I migrated their website from WordPress to Squarespace so they could manage every thing in house. The platform and interface are simple to maintain and update from their offices.

WordPress | Custom Built

The Impact Facility

The Impact Facility are a group of change-makers to say the least and are a branch of The Dragonfly Initiative.

Their mission is to provide mining communities with access to the technical assistance, markets, capital and equipment that enable viable businesses to flourish. 

My mission was to create a website that connected with their audience; investors and miners alike. 

WordPress | Custom Built

JMW Furniture

By far one of the largest projects I have carried out is this stunning portfolio site for furniture designer Jamie Wemyss. His website was custom designed and built from scratch in WordPress. 

The goal: To showcase his fantastic pieces and projects, the ethos of his company and the fantastic possibilities wood offers in its many forms.

WordPress | Custom built

Taste Studios

Taste Studios is a specialist in the Art of fine food. They create exquisite menus combined with exceptional professional services for companies such as McLaren, Citi Group, Haig, FIFA and Land Rover.

Their goal is to to deliver an unforgettable event experience for your guests. My goal was to showcase their impeccable expertise and create a website to attract and capture new business.

Shopify | Ecommerce

Haveli Design

Haveli is a textile design company that aspires to elevate interiors with beautiful one off pieces for the home as well as a block printed fabric collection, founded by experienced textile designer, Matilda Wemyss.

Squarespace | Portfolio

Hal Messel

Hal Messel is a distinguished British silversmith. His romantic style of smithing has attracted the attention of a variety of high profile clients, including the British Royal Family and the British Museum.

The ethereal nature of his work called for digital impact. His pieces are shown on a black background to make the details pop.

Shopify | Ecommerce

Nomad Design

Nomad Design is a British homewares and textiles company. The focus for this website was e-commerce and creating a positive customer journey that drives sales. We chose to build this website on Shopify due to this platform being powerful for e-commerce. The website was developed so that the founder could maintain it herself.

Nomad Design sources textiles for interior designers, stylists and architects the world over so that they can add layers of a story to their clients’s homes. I bridge the gap between artisan craft and contemporary luxury.