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Does your website need an overhaul, yet you can’t allocate the budget for a full redesign? An audit is a great way to get your website and its message up to speed.

Is an audit right for you?

We are going through tough times at the moment and as a designer I am aware that businesses need their websites looking as slick as possible… in addition they currently might not be able to afford the full works.

Do you want to invest in your online presence? If so, book in for a personal audit with me to find out how to make essential improvements and level up your website game.

What we investigate

UX (user experience):

  • Image placement
  • Image sizes 
  • Whitespace 
  • Typography
  • Your message
  • General layout
  • Are your products easy to purchase?
  • Are your services clear?
  • Are there clear steps your users take to reach the goal?

Design exists to solve your users' problems

Your user needs to be at the forefront of your vision and mission when designing a website to sell your products and services. They are your tribe, your people and your focus. Speak to them.

Let’s figure out what they need and how we combine their needs and yours?

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The Process

Consultation call

We assess your vision and where you would like to be. I will give you a considered (kind) and critical overview of what I think can be improved upon.

Audit time

I will spend time exploring how to best improve the elements of your website we discussed.


Via Skype and screen sharing, we run through my notes. This will include my thoughts on your design, your message and the improved experience you user will have once these are updated.


Going forwards I come up with a checklist for you to work through.

Alternatively we can work through this together. If you would like to work together to a greater extent and go deeper into your UX and UI design your Audit fee will go towards your final payment.


Approximately 1 – 3 days + a little extra if we decide to go ahead and work together on your specific goals.

Your investment

A single payment of £150

Around 2 hours of your precious time

A spot of courage (dutch is fine).

If you are a small business / freelancer ie. one person who is currently struggling please let me know so we can work something out. I have been in your position before and can completely empathise.

Apply for your audit