Let's make it happen

The Design Process

Step by step we build a user friendly platform for your customers to use.

There is more to a website that dazzling good looks. My web design process is a holistic one. I believe that design, flow and function are all equal part of the harmony.


All great projects begin with an open discovery call about vision, verticals, business structure and problem solving.

We need to delve into how your website will best serve your customers' needs.

We discuss your sitemap to develop the structure of core pages and their content, the features and functionalities necessary to fulfil the website's goal.

Map Out

In this phase we configure your website's fundamental design feature and style. Such as your stylesheet, images, copywriting etc..

We delve into your ethos and purpose to decide on the user journey using a detailed wireframe.

Next step... over to you to create and deliver your content, copywriting, images, CTAs etc..


Once your content is in our hands we begin the wireframe. This is the first bit of magic happens and the website taking form. We then go through revisions and sign off the design.

When the first live draft is complete we go through two further rounds of revision and amendment before they are translated into the final live website.

The Flow

A key component in creating a great website is keeping your user’s needs in mind at all times. Great design exists to solve their problems and encourage them to reach an end goal.

Our goal is to create a website for your target tribe and their needs. This results in your website being a gift that keeps on giving.

Points to consider:
  • Are your website goals to educate, inspire, sell products or sell services?
  • Who is your ideal target market or tribe?
  • What does your customer need from your website and what products or services are you going to deliver?
  • Is your website part of a larger branding ecosystem?
  • Who are your competitors and what do their websites look like? Do you need to fit the mould or are you going to stand out?
  • Your sitemap; we work on this together and finalise the pages you need.

The project scope is drawn from the Site Map, the list of pages you need and the features you require to fulfil your website goals. 

If, along the way, there are further pages to be built these will be charged as extra. As a rough estimate pages outside of the scope are charged at roughly £250 per page.

I encourage using Asana. It is a (free) fantastic way to avoid long email threads, stay on track, tick tasks off and keep the project moving forward with goals and milestones.

Shared Google Drive folder:

Ideal for us to share access your assets.

Naming all your files is a great way to help boost your SEO). It also helps me know where I need to insert each element.

Categorise your files into named folders.

All images must be high res, named and edited.

  • Your brand assets, logo/s, favicon, stylesheet, fonts, graphics, illustrations, icons.
  • Your list of pages
  • Your sitemap
  • Your images. See imagery for tips on optimisation.
  • Your copy / text
All of these will be uploaded to a shared google drive folder.

  • A variety of landscape and portrait images + video.
  • I am happy to crop and resize your images to web compatible formats. We offer a retouching service at an additional cost.
  • Please name your image files. This helps me know where to add them. It also significantly benefits your SEO.
    • eg. green moroccan breakfast bowl by nomad design
Organising your images :

Please catalogue your images into organised folders. As interesting as it may be, we cannot accept a shared link to your image library.

  • Eg. RUGS > Berber Rugs > Black and White Berber Rug.
Post Launch:

Should you wish to keep the edited files after the site has launched please let me know and I will send them to you via WeTransfer. Your files will be kept for 30 days and after this they will be removed from my database.

Image Editing Service:

I offer an image editing service to ensure a streamlined look and feel to your website. Let me know if you would like me to quote for this service. It is a great option if your media library is extensive.

If you have trouble with this please let me know. I come from a family of very creative, successful and bright dyslexics. We all have our strengths and weaknesses! So, I understand that you may need a hand finalising your storytelling copy and general content.

Post launch your website will need some TLC especially if Studio Nomad has built you a WordPress website.


There are three post launch plans available:

  1. Transfer and tutorial
  2. Post launch care plans to suit your individual needs.
  3. An annual hosting free

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