Post launch TLC

Website Care plans

Caring for your site is better than fixing it

This helps to create better performance, faster loading times and a gradual development of your site's Google SEO ranking.

I keep all your site’s plugins, features, themes and the WordPress version itself up to date on a weekly basis. These will all speedily go out of date, which is the #1 leading cause of website hacks. It is imperative to keep every element of your website up-to-date.

I create daily back ups so as to be able to restore your site if it is hacked or breached. If not you will most likely lose all your content, pages, work and Google ranking too. Not the one at all!

My Care Plans include access to all paid Pro feature plugins we use excluding commerce features with annual fees.

* Should you not choose a maintenance plan you will need to purchase your own licenses.

Studio Nomad will be your trusted webmaster to support you with certain page updates, tweaks, website issues, etc.

The alternative is trying to get hold of your hosting company for assistance.

* Naturally the opposite applies to not maintaining a website. Studio Nomad is not liable for any website trouble should you not maintain your website or not choose one of our maintenance plans.

Basic Protect - £40 p/cm

The basic necessities to keep the systems running smoothly and security tight.

  • Managed hosting
  • Daily security checks
  • Daily site backups
  • Weekly WordPress plugin updates
  • Access to one-off requests (charged at our hourly rate)
  • A reduced hourly rate
  • Monthly data analytics reports
  • Instant site restore should your site go down.

Maintain & Grow- £85 p/cm

For businesses that need a regular updates, new products and / or content posts and changes.

  • Basic +
  • 3 x 30 minute tasks / updates per month.
  • Pro versions of software licences.

Evolve and Soar - POC

This is the best option for a business in a growth phase. You may need regular content adding. eg. New product pages, products, new landing pages and sales funnels etc.

In this option we explore your business' needs and vision to continue its evolution. 

This option includes everything from the Basic and Maintain packages + more wonderful support and access to further hours of Design Time.

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