How to create a digital ecosystem and generate leads!

create a digital ecosystem studio nomad

When setting your business goals map out a Digital Ecosystem. When committing to their investment in a new website, clients tend to ask ‘how do you build a high traffic website that has high conversions’. When I hear this my response is ’what is your digital strategy and route to market, what are your goals […]

Why do I need WordPress? Oh! That’s why.

Part 2 So, WordPress (the hero). Step 3 in business growth began when I took the leap in growing Nomad Design online last year recently. I upped my ad game and broadcast to a wider crowd whilst using Shopify as my platform of choice. Well, Corona had another path for me to tread. My travel […]

Why Shopify and WordPress differ and how to make the best choice.

Shopify vs. WordPress Part 1. The differences, Shopify and my opinion as a user. Part 2. How to tackle the design hurdles. WordPress and my opinion as a user. Part 3. The benefits of WordPress + Shopify and how I make it happen. Part 1. Shopify andWordpress, what’s the difference? When venturing out on your […]

Does your business need a helpful payment plan?

Studio Nomad offers a few different payment plans. These are agreed with the client before the project starts so we are both on the same page. Since lockdown began and sentiments towards spending were made clear, I decided to offer payment plans. Friends and businesses I spoke to expressed a need for greater flexibility with […]

What to look for in a web designer.

Hiring a great website designer is a constructive move to make to help your business succeed and grow online. It can also be daunting. Questions racing through your mind range from I don’t understand their web-speak, information hierarchy…yikes!!! SEO, HTML, CSS, Javalava what? to, how do I find the right one? Do I need one? […]